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  • Populism, immigration, and the crisis of Fake News in Contemporary Democracies

    This text presents a lite approach to the issue of fake news, considering the case study of the german populist and far-right party AfD and the spread of panic among Germans against immigrants and refugees.

  • The Age of Post-Truth

    The post presents a systematic approach to the concept of post-truth.

  • Whiteness, Populism and Working-Class

    This text discusses how populism constructed the idea of the working-class based on racial criteria of “whiteness”.

  • Concerning Culture Wars

    The concept of Culture Wars was brought from the German term kulturkampf, created in the context of the dispute between Bismarck and the Catholic Church in the 19th century. It refers to the opposite perspectives […]

  • Populism and the case of Chega

    The Chega party gained significant success in the last years in Portugal, following the successful strategies of populist parties and movements in Europe, such as Vox in Spain and Salvini in Italy, and in the […]

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